The main purpose of The Scandinavian Fellowship of Oral Pathology and Oral medicine (SFOPOM) is to promote education, training and development of oral pathology and oral medicine in Scandinavia and associated countries

Annual meetings
Annual meetings are hosted by the different departments allowing professional and cultural exchanging between the members and membership countries

The annual meetings are structure for the participants to start and discuss new initiatives and development in education, diagnostics and research in the fields of oral pathology and oral medicine. The Fellowship also takes an interest in pregraduate teaching of oral pathology and oral medicine

Recurring meeting events are:

History and members
The first SFOPOM meeting was in Göteborg in 1971

The Fellowship got its first by-laws in 1977

Since 1971 the SFOPOM has meet annually

Today, the fellowship counts about 40 members, the majority of which are affiliated to one of the departments at the dental schools or universities in Scandinavia but members include specialist from other European countries

SFOPOM is a non-profit and non-political association for individuals interested in oral pathology and oral medicine and all such persons are invited to participate in the Fellowship

General Secretary, elected for 4 years, is Camilla Kragelund, Dept of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, Institute of Odontology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
Tel: + 45 35 32 67 23 
Fax: + 45 35 32 67 22